About us

StayinPDX delivers locally sourced dinner kits to you at your office. When creating Stayin, we had a few core values in mind:

  • Bring people together for a meal
  • Support Portland-area food producers
  • Minimize waste in packaging
  • Maximize delivery efficiency
  • Create amazing recipes
  • Make it easy

We have an insanely talented team of chefs working here, who are dedicated to getting together with our local farm partners to plan & create seasonal recipes we know you'll love.

Minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency are no small things, because they mean we're doing our part to ease the load on Mother Earth. We use as little packing as necessary. Keeping things local shortens the transport chain, which has huge benefits for the environment and local livability. Our service area is exclusive, which also boosts efficiency and reduces waste.

Feeding your family with StayinPDX does more than provide an easy solution to dinner – it supports our economy and supports our planet!

StayInPDX is my go-to when I want a great dinner that night and I don’t want the hassle of going to the store. I didn’t pay much attention to the local food movement until I found StayInPDX. Now I understand why it matters…
the food is amazingly fresh!
As a busy professional, I appreciate the convenience of StayInPDX. I can order online in the morning, have the meal delivered to my office and enjoy a great meal that evening. It’s fast, efficient and the food quality is excellent. The ingredients are always fresh and the recipes are restaurant-worthy.

Not Your Usual Meal Kit Service

Stayin is different than other meal kit services. We deliver dinner kits daily, to keep ingredients as fresh as possible. Also (drum roll)... delivery is free! We currently deliver only to offices where employers have signed up for our service – if you'd like us to deliver to your office, please reach out to us at locations@stayinPDX.com. Delivery exclusivity reduces costs and emissions associated with delivering dinner kits to your door and eliminates the need for wasteful, temperature controlled containers.

Bottom line: we invest in wonderful ingredients and keep costs down by minimizing packaging and delivery costs.

Our initiatives are driven by those core values listed above. Buying local is awesome and feels great! We hope you enjoy the service we've created. Understand that with every box, you are supporting local food producers and small businesses... and we really appreciate that!

– StayinPDX team

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