What is Stayin?

Stayin delivers locally sourced meal kits to employees at their offices each day.

That sounds amazing, how do I sign up?

Stayin currently delivers only to offices signed up for daily deliveries. We are working to expand our delivery options. For now, the best way would be to ask the appropriate person at your office to reach out to us at locations@stayinPDX.com. We would love to share how our service can benefit your office.

How does Stayin work?

Stayin offers a menu to customers each for the following week. Customers are able to purchase meal kits for the upcoming week up until Friday afternoon. If a customer misses the deadline, week of and day of orders are available for a slightly higher rate. (Day of offerings will be limited due to inventory constraints.) Once the orders are placed, Stayin will source and package the meal kits. The fresh meal kits will be delivered daily to your office towards the end of the day at a predetermined time.

How long will the meals stay fresh for?

Stayin delivers the meal kits refrigerated. Once delivered, the meal kits should be refrigerated or cooked as soon as possible. A commute home and even an errand or two is okay. Our recommendation is for meals to sit out for no more than two hours or be in the refrigerator for more than 4 days before cooking. 

How fresh are the meal kits?

We work directly with farms to source and deliver the ingredients. Additionally, we keep the seasons in mind when developing our menus. You will be hard pressed to find an option more fresh than us. In the winter and early spring there is limited produce available locally so some meals may be light on the local produce. If you ever receive a package and see something you know we could of locally sourced, please let us know a local food produce that offers the ingredient and we will use them in the future.

How are the ingredients packaged? 

Most ingredients will come in a poly sealed bag. Spices and other smaller ingredients may come in a small cup. The ingredients are then packaged into a biodegradable box. Here's a picture of some minimally packaged ingredients:

What will I need to create the meal kit?

We ask that you have basic cooking tools as well as olive oil, salt and pepper.

How long do the meals take to create?

Our chefs design recipes with convenience in mind. Meals will take between 20-30 minutes from opening the box to sitting down. 



Joshua Enders CEO at Six Vertical

StayInPDX is my go-to when I want a great dinner that night and I don’t want the hassle of going to the store. I didn’t pay much attention to the local food movement until I found StayInPDX. Now I understand why it matters…  the food is amazingly fresh!

Madelyn Do Physician's Assistant

As a busy professional, I appreciate the convenience of StayInPDX. I can order online in the morning, have the meal delivered to my office and enjoy a great meal that evening. It’s fast, efficient and the food quality is excellent. The ingredients are always fresh and the recipes are restaurant-worthy.