MONDAY August 7: Chicken Quesadilla, Fresh Gazpacho Soup, Avocado and Sour Cream


Lyft now offers free trips to Taco Bell on its rides. If you decide to take Lyft home and get a Taco Bell chicken quesadilla on the way, we won't be offended. If you're looking for an experience however, you'll want to give this a try. The gazpacho alone makes this dish worth it. With heirlooms in peak season, we were debating whether it was Chef Eric's touch or Mother Nature that made this meal so perfect. The verdict is still out. 


Cup of Fresh Gazpacho (Amazing heirlooms, with a PDX twist you are going to crave.)

Spiced Chicken Breast

Cheddar and Queso Fresco Blend

Flour Tortilla

Bell Pepper

Red Onion





Joshua Enders CEO at Six Vertical

StayInPDX is my go-to when I want a great dinner that night and I don’t want the hassle of going to the store. I didn’t pay much attention to the local food movement until I found StayInPDX. Now I understand why it matters…  the food is amazingly fresh!

Madelyn Do Physician's Assistant

As a busy professional, I appreciate the convenience of StayInPDX. I can order online in the morning, have the meal delivered to my office and enjoy a great meal that evening. It’s fast, efficient and the food quality is excellent. The ingredients are always fresh and the recipes are restaurant-worthy.