Monday: Marinated Half-Quail, Yukon Golds & Sauteed Sweet Peppers

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We’re helping you make Monday dinner as easy as possible with this streamlined dish consisting of marinated and roasted half of a quail, roasted Yukon gold potatoes, and sauteed sweet peppers—all of which has been locally sourced so you know it’s fresh and organic. To make sure you don’t miss out on any flavors, we’ve marinated this bird overnight in a marinade made of orange juice, soy, garlic, shallot, and other loving flavors that accompany this game hen, along with just enough sugar to give it good caramelization as the bird roasts. Though this dish might be simple to make, it is still extremely beautiful, consisting of a lot of beautiful and vivid colors, and the flavors pair off well: creamy Yukon, sweet peppers, and roasted bird. This is the kind of dish that, once it’s set in front of you, you’ll think, “Wow! I really want to take a picture!”
* This is a gluten-free dish.