Tuesday: Pacific Cod, Glazed Delicata, Sauteed Sea Beans & Tatsoi



Get ready to enjoy a great, long season of Pacific fish, starting with some tender and delicate Pacific cod. The fish comes with an umami marinade with hints of all five of the major flavors: a bit of lime, some pepper, salt, a tiny bit of sugar, and a hint of a secret ingredient to finish it all off, and by the time you’re done searing this fish, which cooks quickly, it will be a beautiful, golden color. Pacific cod is a beautiful piece of fish that is white and light and will hold onto the marinade nicely and make a lovely centerpiece to this dish. We’ve paired this beautiful cod with a lot of greens—tatsoi and a bed of blanched sea beans—and golden delicata squash glazed with mirin and soy sauce. These flavors might sound very Asian, but it’s not. When the flavors get cooked together, they produce something entirely new. This is a two pan dish, very quick because we’ve done most of the work for you. In minutes, you’ll be slicing squash, rinsing tatsoi, searing, sauteing, plating, and enjoying.
* This is a gluten-free dish.


Joshua Enders CEO at Six Vertical

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Madelyn Do Physician's Assistant

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