TUESDAY July 18: Arrabbiata, Shaved Parmesan and a Side Salad (Vegetarian available)

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The wife of a local merchant wanted to set her husband straight one night many years ago in Rome. She was tired of him coming home from work late and drunk. This particular night, she decided to "wreck" her husbands dinner by adding chili peppers to his pasta. He in turn praised her saying it was her best dish ever. She may not have made her point clear, but she did introduce a great new recipe to Italian cuisine. Arrabbiata means angry in Italian. Enjoy this angry dish, but be forewarned, it's a little spicy. We balanced out the heat with a delicious, white peach. 


House Prepared Pasta Sauce (Vegan)

Seasoned Ground Beef from Cascade Farms

Pasta from Rallenti Pasta

Mixed Greens from Red Truck Homestead

Fresh Local White Peach 

Shaved Parmesan, Fresh local Basil